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2009 Joint Assembly

Study of Earth's Deep Interior


Monday Morning 1

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0800 DI11A CC Hall E Numerical Modeling of the Deep Earth Posters (joint with GA, CG, S, T)
Presiding: S Costin, University of Saskatchewan; A Ismail-Zadeh, Karlsruhe University
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0800 DI11A-01 CC Hall E Data assimilation in problems of mantle dynamics: Methods and applications
*A Ismail-Zadeh, G Schubert, I Tsepelev, A Korotkii
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0800 DI11A-02 CC Hall E Quantifying the uncertainty of 3-D backward mantle convection models
*P Glisovic, A Forte, R Moucha
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0800 DI11A-03 CC Hall E The Influence of Evolving Plate Boundaries in 3D Mantle Convection Simulations
*J P Lowman, C Stein, S Trim, S D King
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0800 DI11A-04 CC Hall E Onset of Time-Dependent 3-D spherical Mantle Convection using a Radial Basis Function-Pseudospectral Method ; Spectral-Finite Volume ; Spectral Higher-Order Finite-Difference Methods
G Wright, N Flyer, *D A Yuen, M Monnereau, S Zhang, S M Wang
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0800 DI11A-05 CC Hall E Effects of Inner Core Conductivity on Planetary Magnetic Field Reversal Frequency
*G Dharmaraj, S Stanley
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0800 DI11A-06 CC Hall E Earth thermal history simulations with layering at various depths in the mantle
*S Costin, S Butler
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