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2009 Joint Assembly

Study of Earth's Deep Interior


Monday Morning 1

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0800 DI11B CC Hall E Recent Advances in Understanding the Dynamics, Structure, and Composition of the Deep Lower Mantle II Posters (joint with GA, MA, CG, P, S, T)
Presiding: P Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; S R Ghias, York University
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0800 DI11B-01 CC Hall E The CMB Topography Beneath Cook Inlet And Alaskan Kenai Peninsula
*W Wu, S Ni
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0800 DI11B-02 CC Hall E On the slab temperature in the deep lower mantle
*T Komabayashi, S Omori, K Hirose, S Maruyama
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0800 DI11B-03 CC Hall E Ferric iron in Al-free and Al-rich (Mg,Fe)SiO3 post-perovskite in the deep lower mantle conditions
R Sinmyo, *K Hirose
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0800 DI11B-04 CC Hall E Thermodynamics properties of ferropericlase
Z Wu, J F Justo, C R da Silva, S de Gironcoli, *R M Wentzcovitch
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0800 DI11B-05 CC Hall E α to β to γ transformations in Mg2SiO4 and mantle discontinuities
*Y Yu, Z Wu, R M Wentzcovitch
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0800 DI11B-06 CC Hall E 2D and 3D Mantle Convection Models with Temperature- and Depth-dependent Thermal Expansivity
*S R-Ghias, G T Jarvis, J P Lowman
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