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2009 Joint Assembly

Study of Earth's Deep Interior


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 DI13A CC Hall E Study of Earth's Deep Interior General Contributions I Posters (joint with GA, MA, CG, P, S, T)
Presiding: S Thomas, Northwestern University; R Deguen, Universite Joseph Fourier - CNRS
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1400 DI13A-01 CC Hall E Optical Absorption Spectra of Hydrous Wadsleyite to 32 GPa
*S Thomas, A F Goncharov, S D Jacobsen, C R Bina, D J Frost
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1400 DI13A-02 CC Hall E Melting of Fe-Si Alloys up to 14 GPa
*X Yu, R Secco
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1400 DI13A-03 CC Hall E Stability and Compressibility of RbAlSi3O8 at High Pressure Conditions
*E Hyung, S Whitaker, G Hovis, W R Panero
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1400 DI13A-04 CC Hall E Geoelectric Structural Directions And Dimensionality Of The Damara Belt and Surrounding Cratons
*D T Khoza, A Jones, M Muller, R Evans, M Hamilton, M Miensopust, X Garcia, P Cole, T Ngwisanyi, D Hutchins, S Fourie, M Doucoure, W Pettit, S Webb, P Share, T Aravanis
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1400 DI13A-05 CC Hall E A dendritic solidification experiment under large gravity - implications for the Earth's inner core solidification regime.
*R Deguen, T Alboussière, D Brito, P La Rizza, J Masson
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