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2009 Joint Assembly

Study of Earth's Deep Interior


Sunday Morning 2

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1030 DI72A CC 717B Earth and Planetary Deep Interiors II (joint with GA, MA, CG, P, S, T)
Presiding: J Mound, University of Leeds; W Yu, Carnegie Institute of Washington
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1030 DI72A-01 CC 717B Low Strain Rate Deformation of Directionally Solidified Alloys, and the Earth's Inner Core
*M I Bergman, S Karato
INVITED    [Abstract]
1045 DI72A-02 CC 717B Hemispheric Dichotomy in Seismic Structures of the Earth's Inner Core
*W Yu, L Wen
1100 DI72A-03 CC 717B Tectonic history of Earth's inner core preserved in seismic structure
*R Deguen, P Cardin
1115 DI72A-04 CC 717B Lateral Variations in the Lowermost Outer Core
*V F Cormier
INVITED    [Abstract]
1130 DI72A-05 CC 717B Large scale imaging of the lower mantle
*P Wang, X Shang, R D van der Hilst, M V de Hoop
1145 DI72A-06 CC 717B Spin transitions in Fe-bearing MgSiO3 in the Earth's lower mantle
*R Caracas, C Thomas
1200 DI72A-07 CC 717B Spin transition in ferrous iron in MgSiO3 perovskite under pressure
*K Umemoto, Y Yu, R M Wentzcovitch
1215 DI72A-08 CC 717B Topography of Transition Zone Discontinuities beneath the Hawaii-Emperor Seamount Chain
Q Cao, P Wang, *R D van der Hilst, M V de Hoop

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