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2009 Joint Assembly

Study of Earth's Deep Interior


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 DI73A CC 717B Recent Advances in Understanding the Dynamics, Structure, and Composition of the Deep Lower Mantle I (joint with GA, MA, CG, S, T, V)
Presiding: A Forte, Universite du Quebec a Montreal; R Wentzcovitch, University of Minnesota; M Kendall, University of Bristol
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1400 DI73A-01 CC 717B High-temperature Compression Experiments of Ferropericlase and the Temperature Effect on Iron Spin Transition
*T Komabayashi, Y Nagaya, K Hirose, E Sugimura, N Sata, Y Ohishi, L Dubrovinsky
INVITED    [Abstract]
1415 DI73A-02 CC 717B Potential effects of the spin crossover transition in ferropericlase on mantle velocities
*R Wentzcovitch, Z Wu, J F Justo, C da Silva
1430 DI73A-03 CC 717B Mapping of thin ultra-low velocity zones at the CMB
*S Rost, E J Garnero, A K McNamara, W Stefan
INVITED    [Abstract]
1445 DI73A-04 CC 717B D" Anisotropy Beneath the Caribbean, Central America and the East Pacific
*A Nowacki, J Wookey, J Kendall
1500 DI73A-05 CC 717B Re-access the D" discontinuity beneath the Cocos Plate: Finite difference modeling of USArray data
*T Song
1515 DI73A-06 CC 717B Thermal and Elastic Structure of the Deep Mantle Inferred from Advanced Mantle Circulation Models with Pyrolite Composition
*H Bunge, B Schuberth
INVITED    [Abstract]
1530 DI73A-07 CC 717B High-resolution, tomography-based modelling of convective flow and deformation in the lowermost mantle.
*A M Forte, R Moucha, N X Simmons, S P Grand
1545 DI73A-08 CC 717B Velocity Changes Across the High-Spin Low-Spin Transition in Ferropericlase at High Pressures up to 61 GPa
*J D Bass, J Wang, C Sanchez-Valle
INVITED    [Abstract]

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