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2009 Joint Assembly

Education and Human Resources


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 ED73A CC Hall E Ideas for Effective Outreach II Posters

Presiding: C Bank, University of Toronto; D Jackson, Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute; L Hymers, Mining Matters
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1400 ED73A-01 CC Hall E Planetarium Shows: Public Outreach and Changing the Approach to Classroom Teaching
*P A Morris, P Reiff, C Sumners
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1400 ED73A-02 CC Hall E Caracas Seismological Museum: A space to develop an interactive experience between community and Venezuelan seismic culture.
*D Moreno, L Galindo, C Granado
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1400 ED73A-03 CC Hall E Geoheritage Values at Greenmantle Farm
*J D Etches
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 ED73A-04 CC Hall E Exploring Connections Between Earth Science and Biology - Interdisciplinary Science Activities for Schools
*E vd Flier-Keller, C Carolsfeld, T Bullard
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 ED73A-05 CC Hall E Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Mining Matters: A Model of Effective Outreach
*L Hymers, S Heenan
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 ED73A-06 CC Hall E Attracting Students to the Earth Sciences: an Example of Individual and Collective Outreach Efforts by Industry, Academia and Secondary Education
*C Bank, D Jackson, L Hymers
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1400 ED73A-07 CC Hall E Career Guidance and Counseling in Educating Female Scientists Of a Developing Nation
*D O Olorode, G T Olorode
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 ED73A-08 CC Hall E Communicating the History of the Earth
*H Gaonac'h
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 ED73A-09 CC Hall E Integrated Design for Geoscience Education with Upward Bound Students
*T J Cartwright, M Hogsett, T I Ensign, D Hemler
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