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2009 Joint Assembly

Education and Human Resources


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 ED73B CC Hall E Education and Human Resources General Contributions Posters

Presiding: C Bank, University of Toronto; L Hymers, Mining Matters
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1400 ED73B-01 CC Hall E Who is Teaching Your Children?
*H Mann
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1400 ED73B-02 CC Hall E Education
*J O Lundja Jr, J T Decrosta SrP Lechuga
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1400 ED73B-03 CC Hall E Empowering Rural Appalachian Youth Through Integrated Inquiry-based Earth Science
T J Cartwright, *M Hogsett
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1400 ED73B-04 CC Hall E Geoscience Garden: an outdoor teaching installation at the University of Alberta
*J W Waldron, A Locock
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1400 ED73B-05 CC Hall E A Simple Demonstration of a General rule for the Variation of Magnetic Field with Distance
*K Kodama
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1400 ED73B-06 CC Hall E In-Class Quantification of the Mentos and Diet Coke Analogue Experiment: Effects of Wind on Volcanic Isopach Patterns
*S Quane, Z Klos, R Jacobsen
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1400 ED73B-07 CC Hall E Monuments and Memorials: Geoscience and the Historic Record
*E Williams, B L Smith
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1400 ED73B-08 CC Hall E Meetings with the Universe
*V Rusin, J Svoren, M Husarik
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