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0800 G11A CC Hall E Glacio-isostatic Adjustment: Observations and Modeling for Earth Rheology, Dynamics, and Environmental Change I Posters (joint with GC, C)
Presiding: T S James, Geological Survey of Canada; E R Ivins, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech; D Wolf, German Research Centre for Geosciences
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0800 G11A-01 CC Hall E Comparison of GRACE Data With Superconducting Gravimeter Data at Ny-Alesund in Svalbard, Norway.
*A Memin, Y Rogister, J Hinderer, O C Omang, H P Kierulf
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0800 G11A-02 CC Hall E Constraints of GRACE on the Ice Model and Mantle Rheology in Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Modeling in North-America
W van der Wal, *P Wu, M Sideris, H Wang
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0800 G11A-03 CC Hall E New Relative Sea-level Observations From the Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone and Implications for Cordilleran Ice Sheet History and Mantle Rheology
*K K Belanger, T S James, I Hutchinson, K Conway
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0800 G11A-04 CC Hall E Influence of the Structural Dichotomy of Antarctic Lithosphere on Regional Glacial-Isostatic Adjustment
V Klemann, D Rau, Z Martinec, *D Wolf
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