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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Morning 1

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0800 G11B CC Hall E Geodesy General Contributions I Posters (joint with CG)
Presiding: M C Santos, University of New Brunswick; J Henton, Natural Resources Canada
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0800 G11B-01 CC Hall E Temporal Mass Variations in Northern India as Observed by GRACE
*M Naeimi, J Mueller
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0800 G11B-02 CC Hall E Singular spectral analysis of GRACE observations
*L Zotov, C Shum
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0800 G11B-03 CC Hall E Harmonic Analysis of Temporal Behavior of IGS Stations in Canada
*J D Mtamakaya, M C Santos
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0800 G11B-04 CC Hall E Stochastic Characteristics of Modernized L2C Signal
*M Elsobeiey, A El-Rabbany
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0800 G11B-05 CC Hall E Satellite Orbit Perturbations in a Dusty Martian Atmosphere
*I I Haranas, S Pagiatakis
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0800 G11B-06 CC Hall E Determination of Sea Surface Topography From Tide Gauge and Atmospheric Data
*S Du, S Pagiatakis
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0800 G11B-07 CC Hall E The Absolute Gravimeter FG5 - Adjustment and Residual Data Evaluation
*M Orlob, A Braun, J Henton, N Courtier, J Liard
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0800 G11B-08 CC Hall E Crustal Deformation in western Sichuan Region and Implications for the May 12, 2008 Ms8.0 Earthquake
*G Meng, J Ren, M Wang, W Gan, Q Wang, X Qiao
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0800 G11B-09 CC Hall E Inversion analysis of slip distribution of the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku earthquake: Very high stress-drop or a conjugate fault slip?
Y Fukahata, *Y Fukushima
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0800 G11B-10 CC Hall E Determining Velocity Field and Strain Accumulation Throughout the Eastern North Anatolian Fault Zone
*H Ozener, E Arpat, S Ergintav, A Dogru, R Cakmak, B Turgut
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0800 G11B-11 CC Hall E Triangulation Based 3D Laser Imaging for Fracture Orientation Analysis
J Mah, S Claire, *M Steve
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