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0800 G11C CC 718B Intraplate Deformation and Earthquakes: Recent Advances From Geodetic, Seismological, Paleoseismological, and Geodynamic Modeling Investigations (joint with S, T)
Presiding: E Calais, Purdue University; S Mazzotti, Geological Survey of Canada
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0800 G11C-01 CC 718B Tomography-based, high-resolution modelling of mantle flow under North America: Implications for surface stress in the central and eastern US
*A M Forte, R Moucha, J X Mitrovica, N A Simmons, S P Grand
INVITED    [Abstract]
0815 G11C-02 CC 718B Analysis of GPS Measurements in Eastern Canada Using Principal Component Analysis
*K F Tiampo, S Mazzotti, T James
0830 G11C-03 CC 718B Postglacial rebound and seismo-tectonic signatures of crustal strain rates measured by GPS in eastern Canada and northeastern U.S.
*S Mazzotti, J Henton
0845 G11C-04 CC 718B Time-variable Deformation in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
*E Calais, S Stein, A Freed, R Van Arsdale
0900 G11C-05 CC 718B Since New Madrid's not Moving... A Complex System View of Midcontinental Seismicity and Hazards
*S Stein, E Calais, Q Li, M Liu
INVITED    [Abstract]
0915 G11C-06 CC 718B Partitioning of Seismicity in the Charlevoix Seismic Zone, Quebec: a 3D Stress Model.
*A F Baird, S D McKinnon, L Godin
0930 G11C-07 CC 718B Lithospheric Deformation in Northwest Europe: a Comparison of Seismicity, Geodetic and Geologic Information
*T Camelbeeck, C Bruyninx, K Vanneste, M Van Camp
0945 G11C-08 CC 718B Sumatra Megathrust Earthquakes Trigger Intraplate Seismicity in the Indo-Australian Oceanic Lithosphere
*M Delescluse, N Chamot-Rooke, R Cattin

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