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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Morning 2

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1030 G12A CC 711 Crustal Deformation in Plate Boundary Zones: EarthScope and Beyond (joint with S, T)
Presiding: W C Hammond, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology; H Dragert, Pacific Geoscience Centre; J Henton, Natural Resources Canada; K Hodgkinson, Unavco, Inc.
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1030 G12A-01 CC 711 The PBO Borehole Strainmeter Program: Assessing Strainmeter Performance
*K Hodgkinson, A Borsa, W Gallaher, M Gottlieb, B Henderson, M Jackson, W Johnson, D Mencin, L Van Boskirk
1045 G12A-02 CC 711 Transient Strain During and Between Northern Cascadia Episodic Tremor and Slip Events From Plate Boundary Observatory Borehole Strainmeters
*E A Roeloffs, P G Silver, W A McCausland
INVITED    [Abstract]
1100 G12A-03 CC 711 Northern Cascadia Episodic Tremor and Slip: Cycles Within Cycles
*K C Creager, A G Wech, J E Vidale
INVITED    [Abstract]
1115 G12A-04 CC 711 Absolute Gravity Monitoring in the Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone: an Update
*J Henton, A Lambert, S Mazzotti, N Courtier, H Dragert
1130 G12A-05 CC 711 Current Tectonics of Northern Vancouver Island, Southern Queen Charlotte Islands and the Adjacent Mainland
*H Sabine, S Mazzotti, R D Hyndman
1145 G12A-06 CC 711 Strain Partitioning in the Northern Walker Lane and Western Basin and Range from GPS Measurements
*W C Hammond, G Blewitt, C Kreemer
1200 G12A-07 CC 711 Re-interpretation of Geodetic Velocity Data Near 'the Great Bend', Southern California
*P F Robin
1215 G12A-08 CC 711 Major and micro seismo-volcanic crises in the Asal Rift, Djibouti
*G Peltzer, C Doubre, J Tomic

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