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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 G14A CC 718B Geodesy General Contributions II (joint with CG)
Presiding: M C Santos, University of New Brunswick; J Henton, Natural Resources Canada
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1630 G14A-01 CC 718B Calibration of the Superconducting Gravimeter: Cantley Station, Canada
*M Abd El-Gelil, S Pagiatakis, A El-Rabbany
1645 G14A-02 CC 718B Modern Observations of the Chandler Wobble
*M Zuberi, D E Smylie
1700 G14A-03 CC 718B Qualitative Comparisons of Global Ocean Tide Models by Analysis of GRACE Intersatellite Ranging Data
*R D Ray, S B Luthcke, J Boy
1715 G14A-04 CC 718B A Preliminary Analysis of Nonlinear Shallow Water Tides for the West Shelf Region of Canada by Topex/Poseidon and Jason-1 Data
*F Tang, M G Sideris, Y Gao
1730 G14A-05 CC 718B Estimating Second Order Ionospheric Delays During GPS-LEO Radio Occultation Observations: An Alternative Approach
*P Vergados, S D Pagiatakis
1745 G14A-06 CC 718B Fitting of NWM Ray-traced Slant Factors to Closed-form Tropospheric Mapping Functions
*L Urquhart, F G Nievinski, M C Santos
1800 G14A-07 CC 718B Analysis and Implementation of NOAA NWP-Based Tropospheric Correction Model
*H E Ibrahim, A El-Rabbany
1815 G14A-08 CC 718B Development of a Frequency Dependent INS/GPS System Response Model for Bridging GPS Outages
*M El-Diasty, S Pagiatakis

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