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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 G21A CC Hall E Recent Progress, Innovations, and Applications in Synthetic Aperture Radar II Posters (joint with CG)
Presiding: S Samsonov, University of Western Ontario; W M Moon, University of Manitoba
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0800 G21A-01 CC Hall E Surface Displacements Near The Itoiz Reservoir, Navarra, Spain
*A Arjona, M Á Santoyo, A Seco, D Monells, J Fernández, F Luzón, J Mallorquí
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0800 G21A-02 CC Hall E An Inversion of Coseismic Displacements by Means of Faults With Free 3D Geometry. Application to 2003 Bam Earthquake.
*A Camacho, P J Gonzalez, J Fernandez
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0800 G21A-03 CC Hall E Classification of Full Polarimetric SAR data based on Kernel Fisher Discrimination
*m dabboor, A Braun, V Karathanassi
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0800 G21A-04 CC Hall E Modeling Coulomb Stress Changes Associated With the 2005 and 2008 Qeshm Island, Iran Thrust Earthquakes Through InSAR Inversions
*W D Barnhart, R B Lohman
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0800 G21A-05 CC Hall E Three-Dimensional Velocity Field of the Yellowstone Deformation from Ascending and Descending ENVISAT Observations
*M H Aly, E S Cochran
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