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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 G21B CC 711 Recent Progress, Innovations, and Applications in Synthetic Aperture Radar I (joint with CG, NS)
Presiding: S Samsonov, University of Western Ontario; K Tiampo, University of Western Ontario; V Singhroy, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
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0800 G21B-01 CC 711 InSAR Monitoring of Landslides using RADARSAT and ALOS
*V Singhroy, A Pierre-Jean, G Pavlic
INVITED    [Abstract]
0818 G21B-02 CC 711 The value of InSAR time-series analysis to investigate natural and anthropogenic processes
*M Motagh, T R Walter, A Hooper, J Anderssohn, J Zschau
INVITED    [Abstract]
0836 G21B-03 CC 711 Monitoring CO2 sequestration with a network inversion InSAR method
*B Rabus, P Ghuman, B MacDonald
INVITED    [Abstract]
0854 G21B-04 CC 711 Geodetic Volcano Monitoring Research in Canary Islands: Recent Results
*J Fernandez, P J Gonzalez, A Arjona, A G Camacho, J F Prieto, A Seco, P Tizzani, M R Manzo, R Lanari, P Blanco, J J Mallorqui
INVITED    [Abstract]
0912 G21B-05 CC 711 ALOS PALSAR interferometry of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
*S Samsonov, K Tiampo, J Beavan, C Bromley, B Scott, G Jolly
0927 G21B-06 CC 711 The use of GPS Radio Occultation technique for atmospheric corrections in InSAR data
*M Sharifi, M Motagh, S Mirboroon, M Esmaeili, V Akbari
0942 G21B-07 CC 711 Monitoring of Inter-tidal Flats using Multi-frequency Polarimetric SAR
*W M Moon, S Park, D Kim

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