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2009 Joint Assembly



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0800 G31A CC 714A Application of Laser Scanning to Geophysical Studies (joint with CG)
Presiding: J Foster, University of Hawaii; D Phillips, UNAVCO
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0800 G31A-01 CC 714A Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Activities at UNAVCO: From GeoEarthScope to INTERFACE and Beyond
*D A Phillips, M E Jackson, C M Meertens, M M Miller
0815 G31A-02 CC 714A Terrestrial and Airborne LIDAR: Comparison of Coincident Datasets for Measuring Ground Deformation and Topographic Change
*R E Kayen, J P Stewart, A J Lembo, J Hu, C A Davis, T Hogue, B D Collins, D Minasian, N M Louis-Kayen, T D O'Rourke
INVITED    [Abstract]
0835 G31A-03 CC 714A To the Application of LiDAR to Detect the Geological Structures in Sulphurets Property, British Columbia, Canada
*A Koohzare, M Rezaeian, A McIntosh
0850 G31A-04 CC 714A An Algorithm for Rapid Determination of Near-Fault Earthquake Deformation using LIDAR
*A A Borsa, J B Minster
INVITED    [Abstract]
0910 G31A-05 CC 714A A Novel Approach to Find Anomalies in Lidar Data
*J W Harrison, F P Ferrie, S W Hefford, C Samson, K Kusevic, P Mrstik, P J Iles
0925 G31A-06 CC 714A Optical Navigation System for Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR System
*S W Hefford, C Samson, P J Iles, J W Harrison, F F Ferrie, K p Kusevic, P Mrstik

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