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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Monday Morning 1

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0800 GA11A CC 701B Frontiers in Precambrian Geodynamics III (joint with CG, GP, P, T, V)
Presiding: R Ernst, Carleton University; W Bleeker, Geological Survey of Canada
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0800 GA11A-01 CC 701B Widespread and Short-Lived 1870 Ma Mafic Magmatism Along the Northern Superior Craton Margin
*M A Hamilton, K L Buchan, R E Ernst, G M Stott
0815 GA11A-02 CC 701B Volcanism Associated With the Proterozoic Wiborg Rapakivi Granite Batholith
*O T Ramo, I Manttari, S Harju, A V Luttinen, J Kohonen, A P Heinonen
0830 GA11A-03 CC 701B Paleomagnetism of 1780-1770 Ma Mafic and Composite Intrusions of Småland,Sweden
*S A Pisarevsky, G Bylund
0845 GA11A-04 CC 701B 1.15 Ga Metamorphism at the Northern end of a Grenville-Aged Tectono-Thermal Belt in Western Laurentia
*D Milidragovic, D J Thorkelson, W J Davis, D D Marshall, D Gibson
0900 GA11A-05 CC 701B Closing Clymene and Opening Iapetus: Paleomagnetic Evidence from the Paraguay Belt
*R I Trindade, A C Nogueira, E Tohver
0915 GA11A-06 CC 701B An overview of Ediacaran magmatism in eastern Laurentia and adjacent regions
*M Higgins
INVITED    [Abstract]
0945 GA11A-07 CC 701B Enigmatic Paleomagnetic Results From the Western end of the Grenville Dyke Swarm
*H C Halls, A Lovette, U Söderlund

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