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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Monday Morning 2

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1030 GA12A CC 701B The Iapetus Plume Event and Ediacaran Paleogeography I (joint with CG, GP, PP)
Presiding: H Halls, University of Toronto; M Higgins, Universite Quebec a Chicoutimi
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1030 GA12A-01 CC 701B Laurentia at 571 Ma: Preliminary paleomagnetism and Ar-Ar age of the Ediacaran St Honore alkali intrusion, Quebec
*P J McCausland, S Pisarevsky, F Jourdan, M Higgins
1045 GA12A-02 CC 701B Paleomagnetism of the Adirondack Dyke Swarms: Filling Holes With Poles in the Ediacaran Apparent Polar Wander Path for Laurentia?
*T M Kilian, R N Mitchell, D A Evans, T D Raub, W Bleeker, T N LeCheminant
1100 GA12A-03 CC 701B Ediacaran Paleogeography: Paleomagnetic Constraints and Alternative Models
*S A Pisarevsky, J A Tait, P J McCausland
INVITED    [Abstract]
1130 GA12A-04 CC 701B New Geochronologic and Paleomagnetic Results for the Grenville Dyke Swarm and Implications for the Ediacaran APWP for Laurentia
*K L Buchan, M A Hamilton
INVITED    [Abstract]
1200 GA12A-05 CC 701B What Could Explain the nearly Coeval Shallow and Steep Inclinations of Ediacaran Paleomagnetic Results from Laurentia?
A Abrajevitch, *R Van der Voo
INVITED    [Abstract]

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