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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 GA13A CC Hall E Frontiers in Precambrian Geodynamics IV Posters (joint with CG, GP, P, T, V)
Presiding: R Ernst, Carleton University; W Bleeker, Geological Survey of Canada
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1400 GA13A-01 CC Hall E Event Markers: Proterozoic versus Archean a Contrast
*P C Thurston
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1400 GA13A-02 CC Hall E Modeling Archean Plate Collision Under an Aggressive Atmosphere and Buoyant Mantle Lithosphere
*R Gray, R Pysklywec, E Dinel
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1400 GA13A-03 CC Hall E The Serrinha Nucleus Granite-Greenstone (NE Bahia, Brazil): The Precambrian History of a Gold Mineralized Terrane by U-Pb Geochronology
*D C Rios, D W Davis, H Conceição, B W Davis, M S Rosa
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1400 GA13A-04 CC Hall E From Extension to Transtension: the Telemark Supracrustals, ca. 400 Ma Sedimentary Record of Variable Tectonics Before and During the Sveconorwegian (Grenvillian) Orogeny
*J Lamminen, J Köykkä, T Andersen, J P Nystuen
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1400 GA13A-05 CC Hall E A Paleomagnetic Study of the Lewisian Foreland, NW Scotland: Precambrian Chronicle Revisited
*J P Samson, V A Kravchinsky, L M Heaman
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1400 GA13A-06 CC Hall E Towards a Dyke Swarm Map of Venus
*R E Ernst, E B Grosfils, J W Head, C Samson, M A Ivanov, D Studd, B A Harris
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