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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 GA13C CC 701B Advances in the Measurement of Time: Beyond the Krogh Revolution I (joint with CG, PP, T, V)
Presiding: D Moser, University of Western Ontario; F Corfu, University of Oslo; L Heaman, University of Alberta; S Kamo, University of Toronto
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1400 GA13C-01 CC 701B Non-traditional isotopic dating: Krogh Revolution beyond U-Pb and zircon
*Y Amelin
INVITED    [Abstract]
1430 GA13C-02 CC 701B The initial Hf isotopic composition of bulk silicate Earth
*J N Connelly, K Thrane, M Bizzarro
INVITED    [Abstract]
1500 GA13C-03 CC 701B Deriving the Impact History of the Moon from a Combination of Structural Observations and SIMS U-Pb Analyses of Lunar Zircon
*R T Pidgeon, A A Nemchin
1515 GA13C-04 CC 701B In Memory of Tom Krogh, Nuno Machado and Werner Weber: Deciphering the Neoarchean High-Grade Metamorphic Evolution of the Pikwitonei Granulite Domain, Manitoba, Canada, and it's Comparison With Other Superior Province High-Grade Terranes
*C Bohm, L Heaman
1530 GA13C-05 CC 701B SIMS Analysis of 'Old Growth' Zircons From the Kapuskasing Uplift; New Records of Lithosphere Evolution in the Key of Krogh
*D E Moser, J R Bowman, M Hilber, J W Valley, J L Wooden, F Mazdab, N L Kita
1545 GA13C-06 CC 701B Tracking fluid/melt flow in lower crustal mafic gneiss using zircon isotopic (Pb,O) zoning, Kapuskasing Uplift
*M D Hilber, J R Bowman, D E Moser, J W Valley, J Wooden, N Kita, F Mazdab

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