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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 GA14A CC 701B Advances in the Measurement of Time: Beyond the Krogh Revolution II (joint with CG, PP, T, V)
Presiding: D Moser, University of Western Ontario; F Corfu, University of Oslo; L Heaman, University of Alberta; S Kamo, University of Toronto
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1630 GA14A-01 CC 701B Extending the Krogh Legacy: Development and Applications of "Chemical Abrasion TIMS" Analysis of Zircon
*J M Mattinson
INVITED    [Abstract]
1700 GA14A-02 CC 701B Geochronology from the Masses - a Pb-Pb Manifesto
*D W Davis
1715 GA14A-03 CC 701B Revisiting High Temperature Annealing to Improve the Chemical Abrasion Method
*A Das, D W Davis
1730 GA14A-04 CC 701B High-precision U-Pb geochronology of Cretaceous-Paleocene: Challenges and promise
*S A Bowring, J Ramezani, R Buchwaldt, K R Johnson, W C Clyde, M Machlus
INVITED    [Abstract]
1800 GA14A-05 CC 701B Time-scale calibration by U-Pb geochronology: Examples from the Triassic Period
*R Mundil
1815 GA14A-06 CC 701B The decay constant of 87Rb
*E Rotenberg, D W Davis, Y Amelin

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