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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 GA21B CC 713A Recent Contributions From IODP and ICDP Scientific Drilling Expeditions I (joint with CG, PP)
Presiding: A de Vernal, UQAM; P Francus, Institut National Recherche Scientitfique
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0800 GA21B-01 CC 713A IODP ICDP Interactions: Comparing and Contrasting the Drilled Paleoclimate Records on the African Continent With the ODP Records Offshore
*T C Johnson
INVITED    [Abstract]
0815 GA21B-02 CC 713A Sr-Pb-Os in the Arctic Ocean: Revealing Environmental Cenozoic Changes
*A Poirier, R K Stevenson, A Veron, C Hillaire-Marcel
0830 GA21B-03 CC 713A Stable Isotope Study of the Pleistocene Labrador Sea, northwest North Atlantic (IODP Sites 1302/03 and 1305) with Emphasis on Distinctive Features of Interglacial Thermohaline Circulation Patterns
*C Hillaire-Marcel, A de Vernal, J McKay
0845 GA21B-04 CC 713A The New Tahiti Sea-Level Record (IODP Expedition 310) sets the Age of Melt Water Pulse 1A as Synchronous with the Bolling Warming
*P Deschamps, N Durand, E Bard, B Hamelin, G Camoin, A L Thomas, G M Henderson, Y Yokoyama
INVITED    [Abstract]
0900 GA21B-05 CC 713A Pliocene Stratigraphy and Palaeoceanography of the Eastern North Atlantic Based on Dinoflagellate Cysts and Geochemistry
S De Schepper, *M J Head, J Groeneveld
0915 GA21B-06 CC 713A Laguna Potrok Aike, Southern Patagonia, Argentina: Achievements and Resulting Potential for the ICDP Project PASADO
*T Haberzettl, F S Anselmetti, S W Bowen, C Gebhardt, A Hahn, P Kliem, A Lisé-Pronovost, C Ohlendorf, G St-Onge, B Zolitschka, PASADO Science Team
0930 GA21B-07 CC 713A Observations on the Fidelity of the Paleomagnetic Record Preserved in Deep-Sea Sediments Acquired Through IODP Drilling
*J S Stoner, J E Channell, A Mazaud
INVITED    [Abstract]
0945 GA21B-08 CC 713A Imaging Gas Hydrates off Vancouver Island Using Deep-towed Multichannel Seismic Data and Ocean Bottom Seismometer Data
*G Spence, T He, R Dash
INVITED    [Abstract]

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