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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Tuesday Morning 2

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1030 GA22A CC 701B From Microstructures to Tectonics: Multiple Scales of Deformation in the Lithosphere I

Presiding: S Lin, University of Waterloo; B Lafrance, Laurentian University; D Jiang, University of Western Ontario; Y D Kuiper, Boston College; J W Waldron, University of Alberta; P Simony, University of Calgary
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1040 GA22A-01 CC 701B Scale Invariance and Fractals in Structural Geology
B Hobbs, *A Ord
1100 GA22A-02 CC 701B Structural Hetherogeneities in the pre-Alpine Gabbros of the Dent Blanche Nappe, Western Alps
M Spalla, *G Gosso, L Baletti
1115 GA22A-03 CC 701B Vertical Variation of Deformation in Continental Strike-Slip Regimes
*D Jiang
1130 GA22A-04 CC 701B Problems With Determining the Kinematic Vorticity Number From the Shape Fabric of Rigid Porphyroclasts
*C Li, D Jiang, R Liu
1145 GA22A-05 CC 701B Is the Larder Lake Cadillac Deformation Zone a Transpression Zone?
*B Lafrance
1200 GA22A-06 CC 701B Microstructural Controls on Shear Zone localization During Formation of the Tuscan Nappe, Isola Palmaria, Northern Apennine, Italy
*G Molli, J C White, L Kennedy, V Taini
1215 GA22A-07 CC 701B Deformation partitioning in transpressional shear zones: an example from the Superior Boundary Zone, Manitoba, Canada
*Y D Kuiper, S Lin, D Jiang

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