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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 GA23A CC Hall E Climatic and Environmental Transitions and Thresholds Recorded in Lake and Ocean Sediments I Posters (joint with CG, GC, OS, PP)
Presiding: C M Lewis, Geological Survey of Canada; J W King, University of Rhode Island; S M Colman, University of Minnesota-Duluth; J T Teller, University of Manitoba
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1400 GA23A-01 CC Hall E Low Water in Lake Erie: Evidence for Early Holocene Closed-Basin Conditions
*C M Lewis, G D Cameron, T W Anderson, J W King, C W Heil Jr.P L Gareau
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1400 GA23A-02 CC Hall E Tracking Agassiz Floodwaters Beyond Hudson Strait: Correlation to the Onset of the 8.2 cal ka Cold Event
C M Lewis, *A A Miller, E Levac, D J Piper, G V Sonnichsen
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1400 GA23A-03 CC Hall E Characterizing the Discharge Features of Glacial Lake Agassiz during the Post-Marquette Period Using Marine Seismic-Reflection Methods
*J L Gary, N J Wattrus, S M Colman, E B Voytek
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