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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 GA23B CC Hall E Polar Processes on Earth and Mars: Comparative Studies II Posters (joint with OS, PP, P, C)
Presiding: G Osinski, University of Western Ontario; J Head, Brown University
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1400 GA23B-01 CC Hall E Morphometric and Geomorphologic Mapping of Landforms in Gorgonum and Atlantis Basins, Mars
*R Capitan
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1400 GA23B-02 CC Hall E Detection and identification of ground ice types in periglacial environments: implication for Martian life
*D Lacelle, B Lauriol, I D Clark
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1400 GA23B-03 CC Hall E Testing the Snowpack Hypothesis for Gully Formation on Mars: Utilization of the Antarctic Dry Valleys (ADV) as a Terrestrial Analog
G A Morgan, *J W Head III, D R Marchant, J L Dickson, J S Levy
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1400 GA23B-04 CC Hall E Estimating Ice Wedge Geometry Using Near Surface Geophysical Methods
*K K Williams, T W Haltigin, W H Pollard
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1400 GA23B-05 CC Hall E Comparison of a Possible Ice-Rich Unit in the Hellas Basin with a Periglacial Landscape in Utopia Planitia, Northern Plains of Mars
*G Pearce, G Osinski, R Soare
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