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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 GA23C CC 701B From Microstructures to Tectonics: Multiple Scales of Deformation in the Lithosphere II

Presiding: S Lin, University of Waterloo; B Lafrance, Laurentian University; D Jiang, University of Western Ontario; Y D Kuiper, Boston College; J W Waldron, University of Alberta; P Simony, University of Calgary
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1400 GA23C-01 CC 701B In-sequence Mid-crustal Flow Zones in the Core of the Southeastern Canadian Cordillera Linked to Rocky Mountain Thrust Tectonics
*P S Simony, S D Carr, A M Hinchey, D van Rooyen
1415 GA23C-02 CC 701B Late Superstructure-Style Folding of the Monashee complex Infrastructure
*A C Parmenter, P F Williams
1430 GA23C-03 CC 701B Thor-Odin Dome: Stacking, Burial, Heating and Flow of Crystalline Sheets in the Core Zone of the Southern Canadian Cordillera
A M Hinchey, *S D Carr, P S Simony, D van Rooyen
1445 GA23C-04 CC 701B Metamorphic evolution in the western Thor-Odin dome, Monashee Mountains, Canadian Cordillera
M I Spalla, *D Zanoni, A C Parmenter, P F Williams, G Gosso
1500 GA23C-05 CC 701B Structure and Thermochronology Studies on the Southwestern Flank of the Thor-Odin Dome: Implications for Tectonic Models and Lithoprobe Seismic Reflection Data, Southern BC
*D Van Rooyen, S D Carr
1515 GA23C-06 CC 701B Microstructure, 40Ar/39Ar Chronology, Structure and Tectonics in Rodna Mountains, Eastern Carpathians, Romania.
*N Culshaw, E Mosonyi, P Reynolds
1530 GA23C-07 CC 701B New Insights in the Southern Part of the Variscan French Massif Central by Gravity Iversion, AMS and Geochronological Investigations on Syntectonic Granitic Plutons
*A Joly, M Faure, M Guillaume, Y Chen
1545 GA23C-08 CC 701B Rapid subduction erosion linked to crustal failure across the forearc-arc region: a model for southern Mexico
*F Keppie, C A Currie, C Warren

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