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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 GA24A CC 701B From Microstructures to Tectonics: Multiple Scales of Deformation in the Lithosphere III

Presiding: S Lin, University of Waterloo; B Lafrance, Laurentian University; D Jiang, University of Western Ontario; Y D Kuiper, Boston College; J W Waldron, University of Alberta; P Simony, University of Calgary
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1630 GA24A-01 CC 701B An Integrated Textural and Fluid Inclusion Study of Crack-Seal Textured Quartz Veins in the Meguma Group, Nova Scotia, Canada
*D J Kontak
1645 GA24A-02 CC 701B Shear-Zone-Hosted Gold Deposits Revisited
*M Hill
1700 GA24A-03 CC 701B Structural Controls on Syenite-hosted Gold Mineralization of the Matachewan Area, a Westernmost Exposure of the Cadillac-Larder Lake Deformation Zone, South Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada
*J Zhang, S Lin, R Linnen, R Martin, B Berger
1715 GA24A-04 CC 701B Structural Evolution of The Garson Ni-Cu-PGE Deposit, Sudbury, Ontario
*J Mukwakwami, B Lafrance, M C Lesher
1730 GA24A-05 CC 701B Three dimensional strain analysis using deformed veins
*Y D Kuiper, D Jiang
1745 GA24A-06 CC 701B Recognizing synsedimentary deformation features in tectonically deformed sedimentary rocks of orogens
*J W Waldron, K D Wallace, J Gagnon
1800 GA24A-07 CC 701B Metamorphic evolution of the Archean Bird River Greenstone Belt, Southeastern Manitoba.
*M Duguet, S Lin, R Linnen
1815 GA24A-08 CC 701B Lithology, stratigraphy and structure of the Aillik domain: Implications on the tectonic evolution of the Makkovik Province, Labrador
*A M Hinchey, C LaFlamme

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