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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 GA31A CC Hall E From Microstructures to Tectonics: Multiple Scales of Deformation in the Lithosphere IV Posters

Presiding: S Lin, University of Waterloo; D Jiang, University of Western Ontario
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0800 GA31A-01 CC Hall E Fluid Dynamics and Fluid-Structural Relationships in the Red Lake Mine Trend, Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario
*Y Liu, G Chi, K Bethune, B Dubé
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0800 GA31A-02 CC Hall E The Development of Shear Band Cleavages & C'-type Shear Bands in a General Shear Zone & Their Implications for its Kinematic History
*H A Short, A Tremblay
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0800 GA31A-03 CC Hall E Yttrium Zoning in Spiral Garnet Indicating Isotropic Garnet Growth
*P Yang, T Rivers
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0800 GA31A-04 CC Hall E Structural Evidence for Synchronous Vertical and Horizontal Tectonism at the Late Stages of Archean Cratonization in the Superior Craton and Implications for Gold Mineralization
*S Lin, G P Beakhouse
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