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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 GA31C CC 701B Terrestrial Impact Structures: Cratering Processes, Mineral Resource Deposits, and Environmental Consequences I (joint with P, T, V)
Presiding: U Riller, McMaster University; G Osinski, University of Western Ontario; R A Grieve, NRCan
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0805 GA31C-01 CC 701B Understanding Environmental Effects Associated with Impact Events
*E Pierazzo
0825 GA31C-02 CC 701B Modeling the Formation of the K-Pg Boundary Layer Through Ballistic Transport and Skidding
*J Morgan, N Artemieva
0840 GA31C-03 CC 701B Are Seismites Where we Should Look for Distal Impact Ejecta?
*A Schedl
0855 GA31C-04 CC 701B Impact-triggered Flow of Deep Crust Beneath the Witwatersrand Basin Identified With Zircon Strain Chronometry
*D E Moser, W J Davis, S M Reddy, R L Flemming, R J Hart
0915 GA31C-05 CC 701B Central Peak/Uplift Formation on Mars: Analogous to Terrestrial Complex Craters
*K A Milam
0930 GA31C-06 CC 701B Central Uplift Emplacement at Manicouagan: Clues From a Pseudotachylite-Bearing Fault Zone
*M B Biren, J G Spray, L M Thompson
0945 GA31C-07 CC 701B Investigation of Impact Breccias at Manicouagan
*L M Thompson

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