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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 GA32A CC 701A Climatic and Environmental Transitions and Thresholds Recorded in Lake and Ocean Sediments II (joint with CG, GC, OS, PP)
Presiding: C M Lewis, Geological Survey of Canada; J W King, University of Rhode Island; S M Colman, University of Minnesota-Duluth; J T Teller, University of Manitoba
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1030 GA32A-01 CC 701A Land-sea Evidence for Periodical Hot Showers of Ejecta Debris from the 0.8 Ma Impact: Conciliating the Australasian Tektite Contradictions?
*M Courty, F Bassinot, B Brasseur, X Crosta, M Fedoroff, N Fedoroff, P Greenwood, K Greace, Z Guo, J Vallverdu Poch
1045 GA32A-02 CC 701A Holocene Paleoclimatic Transitions Inferred From Diatom Assemblages in Sediments of Kusawa Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada
*K Chakraborty, S Finkelstein, J Desloges, N Chow
1100 GA32A-03 CC 701A The Sensitivity of Great Lakes hydrology to Sunspots and Orbital Forcing: Explaining Early Holocene Aridity Throughout the Region
*F M McCarthy, K J Tinkler, L A Neville, D Laviolette
1115 GA32A-04 CC 701A Early Holocene Paleoclimate and Low Water levels in the Laurentian Great Lakes, an opportunity to Enhance Knowledge of Climate-Lake Level Sensitivity
*C M Lewis, J W King, T E Croley IIT W Anderson, S M Blasco, G R Brooks, F M McCarthy
1130 GA32A-05 CC 701A The Terminal Phase of Lake Ojibway in Northern Ontario as Recorded in Lacustrine Sediment Cores
*A J Breckenridge, T V Lowell, J S Stroup
1145 GA32A-06 CC 701A New Dinoflagellate and Isotopic Data From the Northeast Newfoundland Shelf
*E Levac, M C Lewis, A A Miller, L Keigwin
1200 GA32A-07 CC 701A Submerged Archaeological Sites and Water-Level Fluctuations in Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada
*E Sonnenburg, J Boyce, E Reinhardt
1215 GA32A-08 CC 701A Deciphering dam impacts from the natural background in ultra-high resolution sedimentary records in the NW Gulf of St. Lawrence
*U Boyer-Villemaire, G St-Onge, P Bernatchez, P Lajeunesse

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