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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 GA33B CC Hall E Terrestrial Impact Structures: Cratering Processes, Mineral Resource Deposits, and Environmental Consequences III Posters (joint with MA, P, T, V)
Presiding: U Riller, McMaster University; G Osinski, University of Western Ontario
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1400 GA33B-01 CC Hall E Formation of Fragment-Rich Pseudotachylite in Large Terrestrial Impact Structures
*U P Riller, D Lieger
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1400 GA33B-02 CC Hall E Mineralogy of Post-Impact Hydrothermal Deposits at the Haughton Impact Structure, and Implications for Microbial Colonization
*M R Izawa, H M Sapers, G R Osinski, N R Banerjee, R L Flemming, A C Singleton, L Thompson, S A Auclair, H Q Ngo, M Laliberty
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1400 GA33B-03 CC Hall E Assessing Crater Floor Morphology and Post-Impact Rotation of the Central Sudbury Impact Structure, Ontario
*R Dreuse, D Doman, U Riller
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1400 GA33B-04 CC Hall E Deformation of the Eastern Sudbury Basin Revisited
D Doman, *U Riller
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1400 GA33B-05 CC Hall E Geochemical Investigations of the Monturaqui Impact Crater, Chile.
*C M Kloberdanz, I Ukstins Peate, D Peate, N Cabrol, E Grin
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1400 GA33B-06 CC Hall E Rock Magnetic Investigations of the Exmore Section From the Eyreville Core, Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure
*T Elbra, L J Pesonen
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1400 GA33B-07 CC Hall E Shock Metamorphosed Zircon From the Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater
*A Wittmann, W U Reimold, D A Kring
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1400 GA33B-08 CC Hall E Evaluating the Stable Isotopic Composition of Impact-Induced Hydrothermal Carbonates at the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada
*S Auclair, G Osinski, N R Banerjee, M R Izawa, L Huang, A C Singleton, L Thomson
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1400 GA33B-09 CC Hall E Post-Impact Crater Floor Fragmentation and its Importance for Localizing Cu-Ni-PGE Resource Deposits at Sudbury, Canada
*T N Santimano, U Riller
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1400 GA33B-10 CC Hall E New K-Ar Dating of Impact-Generated Melt From the Carswell Structure (Sasakatchewn, Canada): Evidence for a Mesoproterizoic Impact Event
*P Alexandre, M Cuney, I Duhamel
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1400 GA33B-11 CC Hall E Genesis of Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization Associated with the 1.85 Ga Sudbury Impact Event
*C M Lesher, J P Golightly, S K Gregory, M A Huminicki, E F Pattison
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1400 GA33B-12 CC Hall E Initial Composition of the Sudbury Igneous Complex Evaluation of Existing Models
*L Hecht, U Riller
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