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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 GA33D CC 701B Secular Variations in Magmatism and Tectonic Implications I (joint with MA, T, V)
Presiding: J Dostal, Saint Mary's University; B Murphy, St. Francis Xavier University
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1400 GA33D-01 CC 701B Neoarchean Plume and Arc Volcanism and Their Interaction, in Allochthonous Terranes: A Synthesis
*R Kerrich, A Polat
1415 GA33D-02 CC 701B Characteristics of Plate Tectonics with a Warmer Mantle
*A Hynes
1430 GA33D-03 CC 701B High-Mg Magmatism Through Time: Implications for the Thermal and Compositional Structure of the Earth's Mantle
*C M Lesher, B S Kamber
1445 GA33D-04 CC 701B Orthopyroxene chemistry preserves evidence for hydrous komatiite melts at Commondale, South Africa
*J A Barr, T L Grove, A H Wilson
1500 GA33D-05 CC 701B The Transition From Archaean TTGs and Enderbites to Proterozoic Anorthosites; From Cannibal Basaltic Plateaux to Plate Tectonics
*J H Bedard
1515 GA33D-06 CC 701B Petrogenesis of Sanukitoids : Example of the Bulai Pluton, Central Limpopo Belt, South Africa
O Laurent, H Martin, R Doucelance, *J Moyen
1530 GA33D-07 CC 701B New Geodynamic Inferences from the Trace element Systematics of Eo- to Neoarchean Volcanic Rocks, SW Greenland
*A Polat, Y Dilek, R Kerrich
1545 GA33D-08 CC 701B Pre-Neoarchean Rocks Differ Greatly From Modern Rocks Because They Record Different Tectonic Processes
*W B Hamilton

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