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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Wednesday Afternoon 2

Time Session Location Title
1630 GA34A CC 701B Secular Variations in Magmatism and Tectonic Implications II (joint with MA, T, V)
Presiding: J Dostal, Saint Mary's University; B Murphy, St. Francis Xavier University
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1630 GA34A-01 CC 701B Variation of the Large Igneous Province (LIP) Record Through Time
*W Bleeker, R E Ernst
1645 GA34A-02 CC 701B Formation of the Permian Panzhihua Magmatic Fe-Ti Deposit and Associated A-type Granite of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province (SW China): Implications for the Daly Gap and the Hypabyssal-Volcanic Transition.
*J G Shellnutt, B Jahn
1700 GA34A-03 CC 701B An overview of terrestrial trachyte-phonolite magmatism
*B R Edwards, J K Russell
1715 GA34A-04 CC 701B Magmatism and Crustal Growth along the Central Proto-Andes
*A Miskovic, U Schaltegger
1730 GA34A-05 CC 701B Geochemical Transition From Miocene to Quaternary Arc Volcanism in the Sierra Nevada, Northern California.
*A J Stoffers, B L Cousens
1745 GA34A-06 CC 701B Revisiting the link between adakites and TTG
*J Moyen
1800 GA34A-07 CC 701B The Fiskenaesset Anorthosite Complex and Associated Amphibolites, SW Greenland: An Association of a Neoarchean Oceanic Island Arc
*A Polat, R Frei, B Fryer

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