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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


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0800 GA71A CC Hall E Geological Association of Canada General Contributions Posters

Presiding: G Henderson, University of Toronto; A Miall, University of Toronto
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0800 GA71A-01 CC Hall E The Origin of Shallow Water Carbonates in Lake Hövsgöl, Northern Mongolia, Central Asia: Potential Implications for Paleoclimatology
*O Nehza, K Woo, D Cheong, B Suk
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0800 GA71A-02 CC Hall E New Occurrences of Sub-till Organic Deposits in Southwestern Ontario: Are They Really all That Rare?
A F Bajc, *P F Karrow, P Jasinski, B G Warner
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0800 GA71A-03 CC Hall E The Anatomy of an Archean Fault Zone, Abitibi, Quebec
*R Doutre, M Jébrak, P Berthelot
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0800 GA71A-04 CC Hall E Quality Assessment, Reserve Estimation and Economic Analysis of Roofing Slate in the West Central Lesser Himalaya-Nepal
*N Neupane, L P Paudel
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0800 GA71A-05 CC Hall E The Tertiary and Quaternary: Their Status, Duration, and Progress as Official Chronostratigraphic Units
*M J Head
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0800 GA71A-06 CC Hall E Turning on, then off, of Local Subsidence and Differential Middle to Late Ordovician Foreland-Basin Fill in the Ottawa Embayment, inboard of the Taconic Orogen
*G R Dix
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0800 GA71A-07 CC Hall E Shirley's Box - The Highgate Mastodon Story
*P I Russell, P F Karrow
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0800 GA71A-08 CC Hall E New Glacial Lake Episodes During the Deglaciation of the Southern Part of the Canadian Shield : the Taureau Glacial Lake of the Saint-Michel-des Saints Area (Quebec).
*M Fleury, R Daigneault
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0800 GA71A-09 CC Hall E Diagenesis of Middle Ordovician Carbonates From the Lake Simcoe Area, South-Central Ontario
*L Mancini, M Coniglio, R Linnen
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0800 GA71A-10 CC Hall E Provenance and Tectonic Setting of the Neoproterozoic Um Hassa Greywacke Member at the Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
*Y Abd El-Rahman, A Polat
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0800 GA71A-11 CC Hall E Middle Devonian Sea Level Rise: A Case Study of the MacKenzie Basin, Northwest Territories, Canada
*H J Corlett, B Jones
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0800 GA71A-12 CC Hall E Sediment hosted Cu mineralization of the Mesoproterozoic Belt-Purcell Basin, Southeast British Columbia
*R Hartlaub, C Dunn, B Davis
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0800 GA71A-13 CC Hall E Geospatial Presence and Abundance of Benthic Invertebrates and Physical Characteristics of the Lake Floor Substrates Along a Submerged Section of the Niagara Escarpment, Lake Huron, Canada.
*L A Tutty
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0800 GA71A-14 CC Hall E An Integrated Approach to Paleo Ice Stream Determination
*R Adams, M Ross, J Campbell, S Hemming
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0800 GA71A-15 CC Hall E Hydrothermal Alteration-Mineralization At Chahfiroozeh Porphyry Copper Deposit, Kerman Province, Southern Iran
*S Alirezaei, Z Mohammadzadeh
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0800 GA71A-16 CC Hall E Lidar Data Applied to Quaternary Geology Regional Mapping in the Reservoir Gouin Area (Québec): An Important Tool for the Identification of Glacial and Postglacial Landforms.
*S Milette, R Daigneault
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0800 GA71A-17 CC Hall E Geological Investigations in the Southern Indian Lake Area, Northern Manitoba
*P D Kremer
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0800 GA71A-18 CC Hall E Ni-Fe-Co Alloys and Sulphides in Serpentinized Harzburgites of the Asbestos and Thetford Mines Ophiolites.
*M Gagnon, C Normand, G Michel
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0800 GA71A-19 CC Hall E Midwisconsinan sedimentology, 3d stratigraphic mapping and paleogeography in the Appalachians of southeastern Quebec
*O Caron, M Lamothe, W W Shilts
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0800 GA71A-20 [Moved to CG11A] CC Hall E Canadian Arctic And Prairie Ground Heat Flux During The Recent Warm Period As Derived From Single And Repeated Well Temperature Logs
*J Majorowicz, W Skinner, J Safanda
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0800 GA71A-21 [Moved to CG11A] CC Hall E Shallow Geothermal Energy Content Across Canada - Heat Gain And Heat Sink
*J Majorowicz, S Grasby, W Skinner
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0800 GA71A-22 CC Hall E Late Ordovician Marginal Marine Environments and Biotas at the William Lake Site, Central Manitoba, Canada
*G A Young, D M Rudkin, S P Robson, E P Dobrzanski, M Cuggy, D P Thompson
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0800 GA71A-23 CC Hall E MOVE: a new Earth Sciences Museum at Vesuvius Observatory(Naples, Italy)
*S de Vita, M Martini, M Di Vito, R Nave, G Ricciardi, M De Lucia
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