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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Sunday Morning 1

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0800 GA71B CC 713A Eskers and Tunnel Valleys: Processes, Deposits, and Conceptual Models I (joint with CG)
Presiding: A J Russell, Newcastle University; T A Brennand, Simon Fraser University; H A Russell, Geological Survey of Canada; D I Cummings, Geological Survey of Canada
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0800 GA71B-01 CC 713A Stratigraphic Indicators of Subglacial Hydraulic Scouring and Deposition During Surge-Related Outburst Floods, Bering Glacier, Alaska
*P Fleisher, P K Bailey, E S Natel, A J Russell
0815 GA71B-02 CC 713A Interactions Between Groundwater Flow, Ice Sheet Dynamics and Landforming Processes Beneath the Odra Ice Lobe, Central European Lowland
*J Piotrowski, P Hermanowski
INVITED    [Abstract]
0830 GA71B-03 CC 713A Shallow High Resolution Seismic Reflection, a Tool to Map Buried Unconformities
*A J Pugin, S E Pullan, J A Hunter
INVITED    [Abstract]
0845 GA71B-04 CC 713A Subglacial jokulhlaup erosion, Skeidararjokull, Iceland
*A J Russell, A Gregory, D Blauvelt, T Harris, J Fleisher, A Large
0900 GA71B-05 CC 713A Tunnel Valleys in Denmark - Distribution, Architecture, Ages and Possible Origin
*F Jorgensen, P B Sandersen
INVITED    [Abstract]
0915 GA71B-06 CC 713A Bed load and Morpho-Dynamics of Gravel-bed Rivers
*P Ashmore
INVITED    [Abstract]
0930 GA71B-07 CC 713A Aquifer Characterization Within the Hämeenkangas Interlobate Glaciofluvial Complex in Western Finland by Using Geophysical Data With a Reconnaissance GPR Survey.
*J Mäkinen, M Paalijärvi, J Palmu
0945 GA71B-08 CC 713A Glaciofluvial Processes and Mineral Exploration in Southern Slave Province, Northwest Territories, Canada
V Rampton, *D R Sharpe
INVITED    [Abstract]

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