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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Sunday Morning 2

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1030 GA72A CC 713B Variations in Lithostructural and Tectonic Styles Along the Grenville Orogen II (joint with S, T, V)
Presiding: T Rivers, Memorial University of Newfoundland; R M Easton, Ontario Geological Survey; A Indares, Memorial University of Newfoundland; P F Robin, University of Toronto
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1030 GA72A-01 CC 713B The Grenville Orogen Explained? Integrating Numerical Models With Geological and Geophysical Data
*R A Jamieson, C Beaumont, N G Culshaw
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1100 GA72A-02 CC 713B Field Testing the Synconvergent Ductile Flow Hypothesis
*N Culshaw, R Jamieson, D McLeish, C Gerbi, J Marsh, L Heaman
1115 GA72A-03 CC 713B Structural Significance of Mineral-Shape Fabrics and Mesoscopic Folds in Redeformed Walls of the Mill Lake Thrust, Parry Sound Domain, Grenville Orogen of Central Ontario
*W M Schwerdtner, S J Lu, M J LLoyd
1130 GA72A-04 CC 713B Marmolite, a Carbonate-Dominant Igneous Rock of Crustal Derivation, and its Importance in the Deep Crust in the Grenville Province and in Southern Madagascar
*R F Martin, A Randrianandraisana
1145 GA72A-05 CC 713B New insights into Composite Arc Belt geology based on recent mapping in the Harvey-Cardiff domain, Grenville Province, Ontario
*R M Easton, S L Kamo
1200 GA72A-06 CC 713B The Northbrook-Kaladar Formation: a microcosm of the Mazinaw Domain, Central Metasedimentary Belt
*P F Robin, G Serafini, N Haider
1215 GA72A-07 CC 713B The Ottawan Orogenic Lid: A New Tectonic Element in the Grenville Province
*T Rivers

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