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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 GA73A CC Hall E Variations in Lithostructural and Tectonic Styles Along the Grenville Orogen III Posters (joint with S, T, V)
Presiding: T Rivers, Memorial University of Newfoundland; P F Robin, University of Toronto
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1400 GA73A-01 CC Hall E Delineation of Archean and Mesoproterozic crustal terranes in the Parent-Clova region of south-central Quebec: Evidence of crustal mixing, cryptic suturing and ensialic arc formation
*M Zelek, A Dickin
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1400 GA73A-02 CC Hall E Mesoproterozoic Meta-Anorthosite Sheets and Megacrystic Amphibolites, New Jersey Highlands: Evidence for AMCG Magmatism in the North Central Appalachians, USA
*M L Gorring, R A Volkert
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1400 GA73A-03 CC Hall E Kinematics of the Grenville Front Tectonic Zone
*C Li, D Jiang
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1400 GA73A-04 CC Hall E Regional Geology of the Eastern Seal Lake Area, Central Labrador
*T S van Nostrand
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1400 GA73A-05 CC Hall E Nd Isotope Evidence for the Extent of Juvenile Monocyclic Crust in the Southwest Grenville Province
*A P Dickin, R H McNutt
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1400 GA73A-06 CC Hall E Neodymium Isotope Analysis to Constrain Terrane Boundries in the Saguenay and Baie-Commeau Regions of Quebec and the Tweed-Bancroft Area of Ontario: Back-arc Rifiting and Arc Accretion
*E E Hynes, A P Dickin
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1400 GA73A-07 CC Hall E Nd-Isotope Mapping of Southern Labrador
*R M Hewitson, A P Dickin
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