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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 GA73B CC Hall E Eskers and Tunnel Valleys: Processes, Deposits, and Conceptual Models II Posters

Presiding: H A Russell, Geological Survey of Canada; T A Brennand, Simon Fraser University; D R Sharpe, Geological Survey of Canada
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1400 GA73B-01 CC Hall E Looking Under the ice: Deciphering Subglacial Processes From the Spatial Arrangement of Erosional Landforms
*S Puckering, C Eyles
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1400 GA73B-02 CC Hall E Jokulhlaup Hydrofracture Fill Esker Continuum: Skeidararjokull, Iceland
*A J Russell, M Burke, J Woodward, J Fleisher, P K Bailey, D Blauvelt, A Large
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1400 GA73B-03 CC Hall E Tunnel Valleys in Vendsyssel, Denmark - Evidence of Rapid Formation Beneath the Receding Late Weichselian Ice Sheet
*P B Sandersen, F Jörgensen, N K Larsen, J H Westergaard, E Auken
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1400 GA73B-04 CC Hall E Do Eskers Provide Local and Regional Provenance Signals for Mineral Exploration?
*D I Cummings, H A Russell, D R Sharpe
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1400 GA73B-05 CC Hall E Giant loadcast Structures in the Enköping Esker: Evidence of a Second Regional Ice Sheet Readvance During late Younger Dryas in Ryssjön, SE Sweden
*a mokhtari fard, B Gruszka, A van Loon
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1400 GA73B-06 CC Hall E Esker hydrostratigraphy and 3D mapping in the St-Lawrence Lowlands
*T Tremblay, M Lamothe, M Nastev
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1400 GA73B-07 CC Hall E Sedimentological Analysis of Quaternary Glaciofluvial and Glaciodeltaic Deposits in the Georgetown Region, Ontario
*J M Slomka, K MacCormack, C H Eyles, T Lotimer
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1400 GA73B-08 CC Hall E The Paris Moraine Depositional Elements, Paleoglacial Implications, and Hydrogeology Applications
*H A Russell, A F Bajc, D R Sharpe, D I Cummings
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1400 GA73B-09 CC Hall E Sedimentary Process Control over Acoustic Responses: Evidence from Quaternary Sediments of Eastern Canada.
*M Gipp
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