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2009 Joint Assembly

Geological Association of Canada


Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 GA74A CC 701B Frontiers in Precambrian Geodynamics II (joint with CG, GP, P, T, V)
Presiding: P J McCausland, University of Western Ontario; R Ernst, Carleton University; W Bleeker, Geological Survey of Canada
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1630 GA74A-01 CC 701B Rapid Archean Diapirism - the Missing Link in Continent Formation?
*C M Robin, R C Bailey
1645 GA74A-02 CC 701B TTG as Archean syn-orogenic granitoids
*J Moyen, G Stevens, A F Kisters
1700 GA74A-03 CC 701B Calc-Alkaline Interruptions of a Tholeiitic Sequence in the Chibougamau Area, Abitibi Belt: Stratigraphic and Geochemical Evidence Against an Arc Origin
*J H Bedard, F Leclerc, L B Harris, N Goulet, V J McNicoll, E Grunsky, P Roy, M Boily
1715 GA74A-04 CC 701B Evidence for Recycling of Eoarchean (3700 Ma) Continental Crust into Mesoarchean (3075 Ma) Mantle, Ivisaartoq Greenstone Belt, SW Greenland
R Frei, *A Polat, B Fryer
1730 GA74A-05 CC 701B Contrasting Tectonic Histories of Australia's Pilbara, Yilgarn and Gawler Cratons: Key Pieces of the Neoarchean to Early Paleoproterozoic Tectonic Puzzle
*M E Barley
1745 GA74A-06 CC 701B Paleoproterozoic (~ 1.96 Ga) noritic magmatism in the northern margin of the North China craton: evidence of plume-continental interaction
*P Peng, J Guo, M Zhai
1800 GA74A-07 CC 701B The Paleoproterozoic (1995-1950 Ma) Pre-Orogenic Supracrustal Sequences in the West Troms Gneiss Region, Arctic Norway
*P I Myhre, F Corfu, S Bergh
1815 GA74A-08 CC 701B Paleomagnetism of Paleoproterozoic Cross-Cutting Dike Swarms from Dharwar Craton, India
*E J Piispa, L J Pesonen, A V Smirnov, M S Lingadevaru, K S Anantha Murthy, T C Devaraju, S K De, R Klein

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