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2009 Joint Assembly

Global Environmental Change


Monday Morning 1

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0800 GC11A CC 718A Regional Climate Change Impact Assessments: From Predictions to Outcomes I (joint with CG, A, H)
Presiding: K Hayhoe, Texas Tech University; C Wake, University of New Hampshire
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0800 GC11A-01 CC 718A Informing Regional Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change
*C P Wake, K Hayhoe, E Spanger-Siegfried
0820 GC11A-02 CC 718A Projected Climate Change Impacts on Pennsylvania
*R Najjar, J Shortle, D Abler, S Blumsack, R Crane, Z Kaufman, M McDill, R Ready, M Rydzik, T Wagener, D Wardrop, T Wilson
0840 GC11A-03 CC 718A Hydrologic Impacts of Projected Future Climate Change in the Lake Michigan Region
*K A Cherkauer, T Sinha, V Mishra
0900 GC11A-04 CC 718A Regional Impacts of Climate Change in the Caribou Chilcotin Region, Fraser River Basin, BC, Canada
*K E Bennett, A T Werner, E P Salathé Jr.M Schnorbus, M Nelitz, R R David
0920 GC11A-05 CC 718A Modeling the Impossible Watershed': Simulating Climate Change Impacts on Streamflow in the Winnipeg River Basin.
*P Slota, T Stadnyk, N Kouwen, K Koenig
0940 GC11A-06 CC 718A Studying Hydrological Response of the Churchill River to Climate Change Using Distributed Hydrological Models
*Y Yi, P F Rasmussen

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