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2009 Joint Assembly

Global Environmental Change


Monday Morning 2

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1030 GC12A CC 718A Regional Climate Change Impact Assessments: From Predictions to Outcomes II (joint with CG, A, H)
Presiding: K Hayhoe, Texas Tech University; C Wake, University of New Hampshire
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1030 GC12A-01 CC 718A Assessing the Hydrochemical Response of High Elevation Forest Watersheds to Climate Change and Atmospheric Deposition Using a Biogeochemical Model (PnET-BGC)
A Pourmokhtarian, *C Driscoll Jr, J Campbell, K Hayhoe
1050 GC12A-02 CC 718A Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Species Habitats and Distributions in the Southeastern U.S.
*J A Collazo, J B Grand, A Terando, J D Nichols, A McKerrow
1110 GC12A-03 CC 718A Vulnerability of High-Quality Winegrowing to Climate Change in California
*K N Cahill, C B Field, M A Matthews, D B Lobell
1130 GC12A-04 CC 718A Yukon Tree Rings and Climate Change: Effect of increased freeze-thaw events on white spruce and lodgepole pine growth
*E A Nelson, S C Thomas
1150 GC12A-05 CC 718A An Integrated Modeling Approach to Evaluate Potential Effects of Climate Change on the Water Supply for New York City
*M S Zion, D C Pierson, E M Schneiderman, H Markensten, E M Owens, A H Matonse, A Anandhi
1210 GC12A-06 CC 718A Impacts of Climate Change at Watershed Scale: Creating an Ecological Basis for "Smart Growth" and Economic Development in the Post-industrial Lehigh Valley of Eastern PA
B Holland, B Felzer, F Pazzaglia, *D Sahagian

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