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2009 Joint Assembly

Global Environmental Change


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 GC13A CC Hall E Regional Climate Change Impact Assessments: From Predictions to Outcomes III Posters (joint with CG, A, H)
Presiding: K Hayhoe, Texas Tech University; C Wake, University of New Hampshire
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1400 GC13A-01 CC Hall E Climate Change in Africa: Impacts and Effects on the Inhabitants of the Lake Chad Region.
*B Abubakar, S M Tahir, O Olisa
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1400 GC13A-02 CC Hall E Simulation of Climate Change Impacts on North American Lake-Ice Phenology and Composition
*Y B Dibike, T D Prowse, B Bonsal
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1400 GC13A-03 CC Hall E Predicted Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change for Harp Lake and Catchment, South-Central Ontario
*H Yao
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1400 GC13A-04 CC Hall E Lacustrine Records of Forest Fire Indicators and Trace Elements Deposition in an Land Use Change Region in the Brazilian Amazonia (Alta Floresta, MT)
*R R Rodrigues, M G Conceicão, R C Cordeiro, B J Turcq, J S Seoane, A Sifeddine
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1400 GC13A-05 CC Hall E Patterns in change factors for assessing future climate change scenarios
*A Anandhi, A Frei, D C Pierson, E M Schneiderman, M S Zion, A H Matonse, D Lounsbury, H Markensten
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