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2009 Joint Assembly

Global Environmental Change


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 GC21A CC 717B Regional-Scale Climate Change: Detection, Attribution, and Prediction I (joint with CG, A, IN, H, OS, C)
Presiding: S Min, Environment Canada; D Stone, Climate Systems Analysis Group
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0800 GC21A-01 CC 717B Detection and Attribution of External Influence on Regional Scales
*F Zwiers, N Christidis, S Min, P Stott, X Zhang
INVITED    [Abstract]
0820 GC21A-02 CC 717B Changing Variability Patterns of Atmospheric Temperature in Atlantic Canada
*C A Suteanu
0840 GC21A-03 CC 717B Detection of the Effect of Changing Land Use on Warm Extremes in Europe and North America
*N Christidis, G C Hegerl, P A Stott, R A Betts
0900 GC21A-04 CC 717B Precipitation and Evaporation Trends in Texas
*R W Dixon
0920 GC21A-05 CC 717B Detectability of External Influences in Extreme Precipitation Changes
*S Min, X Zhang, F W Zwiers, P Friederichs, A Hense
0940 GC21A-06 CC 717B Climate Change Detection in Hydrological Extremes
*D H Burn, M Sharif

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