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2009 Joint Assembly

Global Environmental Change


Tuesday Morning 2

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1030 GC22A CC 717B Regional-Scale Climate Change: Detection, Attribution, and Prediction II (joint with CG, A, IN, H, OS, C)
Presiding: S Min, Environment Canada; D Stone, University of Cape Town
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1030 GC22A-01 CC 717B Towards Attribution of Hurricane Activity Changes
*G A Vecchi, I Held, T Knutson, S Lin, B Soden, K Swanson, M Zhao
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 GC22A-02 CC 717B Seasonal Simulation of Atlantic Hurricanes using the FSU/COAPS Climate Model
*S Cocke, D Shin, Y Lim, T LaRow
1110 GC22A-03 CC 717B Impact of Climate Change on Salinity of the Upper Delaware Bay
B Katz, *R Najjar, M Mann
1130 GC22A-04 CC 717B Probabilistic Downscaling of 21st Century Daily Precipitation Occurrence and Intensity in the United States
*J T Schoof, S C Pryor, J Surprenant
1150 GC22A-05 CC 717B Capacity and Need for Providing Climate Change Scenarios for Small Islands
*M A Taylor, T S Stephenson, A A Chen, T Batchelor
1210 GC22A-06 CC 717B A multi-member, high-resolution, transient simulation of 20th and 21st century climate in the United States
*N S Diffenbaugh
INVITED    [Abstract]

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