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2009 Joint Assembly

Global Environmental Change


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 GC23A CC Hall E Regional-Scale Climate Change: Detection, Attribution, and Prediction III Posters (joint with CG, A, IN, H, OS, C)
Presiding: S Min, Environment Canada; D Stone, Climate Systems Analysis Group
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1400 GC23A-01 CC Hall E Response of Vegetation in Northern China to Global Warming
*H Cui, R Huang
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1400 GC23A-02 CC Hall E The Vulnerability of Forest Ecosystems of Armenia to the Global Climate Change
*S Khachatryan Jr.
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1400 GC23A-03 CC Hall E The North American Summer Arctic Front during 1948 to 2007
*M Ladd, K Gajewski
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1400 GC23A-04 CC Hall E A Pilot Programme for a Weather Risk Attribution Service
*D Stone, N Massey, T Aina, M Thurston, M Allen, P Pall, C Huntingford, P Stott
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1400 GC23A-05 CC Hall E A Dynamical Downscaling Experiment over East Asia
*H Baek, W Kwon, D Choi, C Kim, Y Cha
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1400 GC23A-06 CC Hall E Emission scenario dependences in climate change assessments on global and regional hydrological cycle
*H Shiogama, N Hanasaki, Y Masutomi, T Nagashima, T Ogura, K Takahashi, Y Hijioka, T Takemura, T Nozawa, S Emori
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1400 GC23A-07 CC Hall E Climate Modeling at the Austrian Weather Service (ZAMG)
*C Matulla, I Anders, I Auer
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