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2009 Joint Assembly

Global Environmental Change


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 GC23B CC Hall E Variability and Predictability of Weather and Climate Hazards on Intraseasonal to Interannual Timescales Posters (joint with CG, A, B, IN, H, OS)
Presiding: Y Deng, Georgia Institute of Technology; X Huang, University of Michigan
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1400 GC23B-01 CC Hall E Evaluating Intraseasonal Variability in Climate Forecasts: The Annular Mode Time Scales in the IPCC AR4 Models
*E P Gerber, L M Polvani, D Ancukiewicz
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1400 GC23B-02 CC Hall E The role of Great Lakes in simulating winter temperature of the Midwest: a large-scale modeling perspective
*X Huang, Y Deng
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1400 GC23B-03 CC Hall E Subseasonal Variability of the North American Coastal Cyclonic Activity: Implications for the Winter Precipitation and Wind Extremes
Y Deng, *T Jiang
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1400 GC23B-04 CC Hall E Sensitivity of microwave rainfall estimation to the 'a priori' database: Extreme Events
*J Kim, C Kummerow, J Crook, D Shin
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1400 GC23B-05 CC Hall E Fog in the coastal region of southern Brazil: seasonal variations
*N Krusche, C Gomes
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1400 GC23B-06 CC Hall E Heating from Below: Impacts on Weather and Climate Prediction
*X Fan
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1400 GC23B-07 CC Hall E Statistical Tests of Taylor's Hypothesis: An Application to Precipitation Fields
*A Murthi, B Li, K Bowman, G North, M Genton, M Sherman
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1400 GC23B-08 CC Hall E The Pacific-Atlantic Dipole: A Climate Index with Effects on Trade Wind Strength and Central American Precipitation
*M Gervais, K Moore, S Cowling
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