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2009 Joint Assembly

Global Environmental Change


Sunday Morning 1

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0800 GC71A CC 716B New Directions in the Use of Pollen Analysis in Environmental and Climatic Reconstructions (joint with IN, PP)
Presiding: M Peros, University of Ottawa; E Levac, Bishop's University
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0800 GC71A-01 CC 716B Holocene and Last Interglacial Cloudiness in Eastern Baffin Island, Arctic Canada
*B Frechette, A de Vernal, P J Richard
INVITED    [Abstract]
0815 GC71A-02 CC 716B Space-time evolution of the climate of northern Canada and Alaska during the Holocene
*A E Viau, K Gajewski
0830 GC71A-03 CC 716B Large-scale paleoenvironmental analyses using pollen databases
*K Gajewski, A Viau, M Peros, S Munoz
INVITED    [Abstract]
0845 GC71A-04 CC 716B Testing the reliability of pollen-based diversity estimates
*M C Peros, K Gajewski
0900 GC71A-05 CC 716B Review of Palynological Studies in Archaeological Interpretation in East Asia, focusing on Southern Korea
*G Lee
INVITED    [Abstract]
0915 GC71A-06 CC 716B Reconstructing Paleoclimate and Historical Terrestrial Carbon Storage from Pollen Data Using Inverse Modelling Approach
*C Peng, H Wu, J Guiot, Z Guo
0930 GC71A-07 CC 716B High-Resolution Pollen Records From the Southern Boreal Forest/Aspen Parkland Ecotone in Saskatchewan, Canada
*J St. Jacques, C Hart, M Vetter, D J Sauchyn, J H McAndrews
0945 GC71A-08 CC 716B A Palynological Approach for the Reconstruction of Holocene Environments of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California
*I Delusina

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