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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Monday Morning 1

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0800 GP11C CC Hall E Evaluation of Paleointensity Records, Geomagnetic Secular Variations, Excursions, and Reversals I Posters (joint with GC, DI)
Presiding: C G Harrison, University of Miami; K D Aldridge, York University
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0800 GP11C-01 CC Hall E A Paleomagnetic and Paleointensity Study on Late Pliocene Volcanic Rocks From Southern Georgia (Caucasus)
*M Calvo-Rathert, M Bogalo, A Gogichaishvili, N Vegas-Tubia, J Sologashvili, J Villalain
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0800 GP11C-02 CC Hall E The First Radiocarbon-Constrained Full-Vector Holocene Paleomagnetic Secular Variation Reconstruction for Eastern Canada
*F Barletta, G St-Onge, J Stoner, P Lajeunesse
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0800 GP11C-03 CC Hall E Assessment of Magnetostatic Interaction Effects on Thellier Paleointensity Determination by Experimental Simulations
Z Zheng, *X Zhao
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0800 GP11C-04 CC Hall E The Influence of Cooling Rates on the Paleointensities of Volcanic Glasses Tested on Synthetic and Natural Glass
*F W von Aulock, A Ferk, R Leonhardt, K U Hess, B Cordonnier, D B Dingwell
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0800 GP11C-05 CC Hall E Paleointensity of the Hawaii 1960 Lava Flow
*H Bohnel, M J Dekkers, E Herrero-Bervera
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0800 GP11C-06 CC Hall E Relative Paleointensity: a Proxy for Fluctuating Fluid Velocity in Earth's Core
*K D Aldridge, R E Baker, D G McMillan
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0800 GP11C-07 CC Hall E First Paleomagnetic Results from Holocene Alluvial Sediments in the Iberian Peninsula
M Gomez-Paccard, *J C Larrasoana, C Sancho, A Munoz, E Costa, E Beamud
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