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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Monday Morning 1

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0800 GP11E CC Hall E Paleomagnetism From the Americas III Posters (joint with T)
Presiding: A M Soler, UNAM; M Aldana, Simon Bolivar University; R Cottrell, University of Rochester
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0800 GP11E-01 CC Hall E Paleomagnetism of Silver Island, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan: Additional Support (?) for the Primary Curvature of the MCR
*J F Diehl, A J Durant, C Schepke
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0800 GP11E-02 CC Hall E DSA Analysis of IRM Curves for Hydrocarbon Microseepage Characterization in Oil Fields From Eastern and Western Venezuela
*M Aldana, V Costanzo-Alvarez, C Gonzalez, L Gomez
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0800 GP11E-03 CC Hall E Multiple Magnetization Events Revealed in a Single Core in Upper Ordovician to Upper Devonian Carbonates of the Williston Basin, Manitoba (Canada)
*E Szabo, M T Cioppa
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0800 GP11E-04 CC Hall E Paleomagnetic Study of a Miocene Deformation in a Region Close to the Camargo Volcanic Field, Chihuahua, Mexico
*K Wogau-Chong, H Bohnel, J Aranda Gomez
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0800 GP11E-05 CC Hall E Alternative Pangea Reconstructions: A Matter of Flawed Data? Implications of a new Early Triassic Paleopole from Argentina
*M Domeier, R Van der Voo, R N Tomezzoli, T H Torsvik, H Vizan, A Dominguez, J Kirshner
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0800 GP11E-06 CC Hall E A paleomagnetic study of the Antarctic Peninsula
F Poblete, *C Arriagada, P Roperch
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