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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Monday Morning 1

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0800 GP11G CC Hall E Magnetic Anomalies and Source Rocks: Modeling, Interpretation, Paleomagnetism, Rock Magnetism, and Applications I Posters (joint with DI, T, V)
Presiding: L Brown, University of Massachusetts; S Brachfeld, Montclair State University
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0800 GP11G-01 CC Hall E Structure of Charnockitic basement in a part of the Krishna–Godavari basin, Andhra Pradesh, India
*B Siribyina
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0800 GP11G-02 CC Hall E Magnetic Properties of Deep Crustal Rocks From the Athabasca Granulite Terrane: Western Canadian Shield
*H G Lillydahl-Schroeder, G Dumond, K H Mahan, L L Brown
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0800 GP11G-03 CC Hall E New geophysical views of Mt.Melbourne Volcano (East Antarctica)
*E Armadillo, M Gambetta, F Ferraccioli, H Corr, E Bozzo
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0800 GP11G-04 CC Hall E Magnetic Properties of Dropstones Along the East Antarctic Margin: Towards a Better Understanding of the Carriers of Antarctic Crustal Magnetic Anomalies
*D Cuomo, S Brachfeld
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0800 GP11G-05 CC Hall E Volcanic Structure of the Basaltic Shield Volcano of Socorro Island, Mathematician Ridge, Pacific Plate
*M Escorza-Reyes, J A Pavon-Moreno, L Perez-Cruz, J U Fucugauchi
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0800 GP11G-06 CC Hall E High-Resolution Magnetostratigraphic Analysis of the Denver Basin Kiowa Core; Testing Paleocene Astrochronologies
*M M Jones, W C Clyde, S A Bowring, J Ramezani, K R Johnson
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0800 GP11G-07 CC Hall E High-Resolution Magnetostratigraphy of Core MD99-2236 (Cartwright Saddle, Offshore Labrador) Since the Last Deglaciation
*M St-Onge, S Guillaume, A Jennings, J T Andrews
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