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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Monday Morning 1

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0800 GP11H CC Hall E Environmental Magnetism: Established Methods and New Approaches I Posters (joint with B, GC)
Presiding: V A Kravchinsky, University of Alberta; M T Cioppa, University of Windsor
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0800 GP11H-01 CC Hall E Lichens and Mosses Used as Biomonitors in Environmental Magnetic Studies
*D Jordanova, P Petrov, V Hoffmann, N Jordanova, T Tsacheva
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0800 GP11H-02 CC Hall E Geochemical and Rock Magnetic Properties of a Purple Sand Belt on Cedar Beach, Western Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada
*S Zhang, M T Cioppa, S Zhang
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0800 GP11H-03 CC Hall E Holocene History of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet: Environmental Magnetic Record from Mac.Robertson Land
*K Kacperowski Jr., S Brachfeld
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0800 GP11H-04 CC Hall E Holocene Environmental Reconstruction of Sediment-Source Linkages at Crummock Water, English Lake District, Based on Magnetic Measurements
Z Shen, *J Bloemendal, B Mauz, A Lang, J A Dearing, R Chiverrell, Q Liu
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